Shaolin Princess

More About Cici

CICI (Lilin Zhu) is a super talented British Chinese artist, who sings, performs, writes, produces, and is a multi-instrumentalist. She released her debut EP in 2009, directed and edited 4 of her MVs, worked with numerous artists and producers including 5 Grammy nominations and BAFTAs Marius Devries, Hollywood producer Steve Rowland, famous composer and arranger Richard Niles, and many more. She is currently living in Shanghai,  working with Chinese top artists and preparing for her new album. Meanwhile, she is also taking acting lessons and have been invited to perform in numbers of theater plays and musicals in Shanghai. 

Aside from being an artist, Cici also is an educator, she now contributes a lot of her time on working closely with the educational department and research staff to create multi-media curriculum and materials for schools all over China. With a little help from her project, she hopes she can bring creativity and originality to the Chinese future education.

Instruments: Vocal, Piano, Guzheng (Chinese harp) Tenori-on, guitar

Occupations: singer, songwriter, music producer, choreographer, video director/ editor, educator

Style: electronic, hip-hop, fusion, world

Record Lable: Cicizone Records (2007-2013)    
                        Universal Records Shanghai (2013-Present)